A community-based environment with a mindset of helping each other

Entertaining, analytical and creative learning

Accelerated Bilingual (French and American) Modules

Applied International Curriculum

Experienced and Certified teachers with an outstanding Curriculum

Interactive, collaborative, immersive teaching methods

Masterclasses taught by experts

Studying in online international classes

Rigorous monitoring with personalized strategies for success


is an educational platform offering virtual classes in the form of modules and masterclasses for English, French-speaking, Russian, Spanish speaking and Bilingual students. Open Mind is connecting students from all around the world in online classes. 


Open Mind has been created with a great vision to bring a new era of education and innovate the way we study and teach. It offers flexible, easily accessible and accelerated education for students who want to step out of the crowd and achieve amazing things in Life!

With fewer students in the class, teachers can focus on every student. Virtual classes allow students to join a class from anywhere as far they have an Internet connection and create friendships and network all around the World!

OPEN MIND believes that all students should be given an opportunity to meet their full potential. Our program focuses on developing critical thinking, analytical skills, problem-solving methods and creativity. Every student's talent and strength is different, the secret to success is to find it and support it.

Our education contributes to developing students self-confidence and respect for others.

During the program, we challenge our students through competitions and collaborative workshops. We believe our students through the accelerated method, international learning environment, use of the latest technologies and Open-Minded approach will become a positive force for humanity.

Therefore, we call it the education of the future. 

''We offer accelerated education through virtual classes for students who want to step out of the crowd''

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