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French Accelerated Exchange Program

For the new Academic Year 2021/2022, Open Mind will be offering a French Exchange Program for middle school students in the South of France. Open Mind will offer a placement in an accredited French academic institution with a long tradition and track record. This is a unique opportunity for American students to immerse themselves in French culture, and French education. The program brings a unique opportunity to learn the French language. Students will be studying French with French native students and practicing their French with new friends and teachers. Everyday activities will largely develop their French skills and students will learn even faster. This is an amazing occasion to experience the French culture not as a tourist but as a local! The middle school students will need to be accompanied by their parents or guardians which gives them an opportunity to explore together one of the richest cultures in the world, try authentic French cuisine and learn more about history. The exchange program will take between 1-3 months with a goal to accelerate French language skills at a rocket speed, grow their friend's network and open a new door of opportunities for their future.

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