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Taught by Pete

Pete has more than 12 years of teaching experience from international schools in the UK.

 He is passionate about all aspects of education, especially literature and bringing out the creativity of young minds through creative writing, poetry and drama.


Wednesday 11:15 am PST

8-12yrs old

Level English: Native or Bilingual


This is an online class for students to develop their creative skills in writing and English. The class will be taught by the British Native speaker and certified teacher Pete who comes from the UK and taught in a famous international bilingual school in London.  Pete is very liked among students due to his innovative ideas and teaching approach. Students will develop writing skills in several genres, they will learn how to work with the information, construct an argument and create a storyline. This class aims to further develop creative and critical thinking techniques, teaching invaluable language skills that can be applied to all aspects of the curriculum. With small group sizes, children benefit from a mentor-like relationship with their course leader.

PROGRAM January - June 2021

January: Poetry: Dramatic Monologues from characters from fiction

February: Poetry: Ballads and folk poems - telling stories through poetry

March: Creating an illustrated class poetry anthology

April: Scriptwriting - telling stories through dialogue, monologue and directions

May: Writing a script collaboratively and creating a performance-based on our writing

June: Free-write: Writing a final piece in the chosen form based on the theme of summer!

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