Accelerated classes in French & English for Students who want to step out of the crowd!

From Anywhere Around The World

Open Mind Accelerated International Academy offers accelerated academic classes and programs for primary and secondary school students. Open Mind is for students who want to get extra learning, get better in a particular area or step out of the crowd!

Open Mind has been created with a great vision to bring a new era of education and innovate the way we study and teach.

Our classes are taught by experienced and certified teachers or experts in the field. 

With small group sizes, children benefit from a mentor-like relationship with their course leader.

Virtual classes allow students to join a class from anywhere as far they have an Internet connection, and create friendships and network all around the World!

We believe that every student has tremendous potential if nurtured with the right teaching methods and approach.

At Open Mind, we focus on developing student's critical thinking, analytical skills and creativity at an accelerated rate. 

We want our students to think out of the box with Open Mind and this can be achieved just with continuous innovation.

Who are these classes for?

Our class size is 4 - 10 students to allow better interaction, dynamic and accelerated learning.


French & English Speaking Students


Students who are ready to step out of the crowd!


Students living abroad


Students who seek accelerated education


Students who didn't feel welcomed in traditional schools


For families who decided to educate their children at home and need extra support


Students who have dyslexia or autism


For all who want to shape the future and achieve great things