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Avatar Educational Platform
for virtual classes

delivering personalized and immersive education





Secured Online

  • a class environment designed to immerse students into the magic world 

  • VR boosted environment 

  • a conferencing tool designed specifically for educational purposes delivering interactive online classes

  • high-level data protection

  • search tool for assignment purposes

  • search tool allowing for the search of credible information and children appropriate information

  • 3D avatar acting as an academic advisor for students with a personalized approach

  • interactive interface

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Immersive Class Environment

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  • integrated speech detection 

  • hate speech detection to allow for a safe and anti-bullying online environment

6,932,074 students enrolled already in distance education 

BEFORE COVID-19 started

By 2025 e-learning market

is projected to be

worth $325 Billion

The COVID-19 has resulted in

schools shut for over 1.2 billion children globally

Total closure of schools in some countries is 

impacting over 60% of the student population


meet our


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'' NOVA was born as a result of frustration over an obsolete education system. I have taught in the world-renowned schools and universities and none was able to cater for the interactive and immersive online classes. ''

- Jean -

I have been passioned about education since my young age. I studied in more than 5 countries which helped me gain an understanding of various education systems. I believe education needs to drive innovation and need to be a driver for a change than just to follow the trends. How we can expect students to create even more innovative solutions and build a better and brighter future if the tools we are teaching them with are dated.  There is a limit what you can create with pen and paper sitting behind the desk, and this limit has been exceeded way a long time ago.

- Michaela -


Jean Arnaud


'' When I was in school, I felt the moment I stepped out I had to caught up with the world, especially when it came to technological improvements. To teach young students how to interact with AI-technology  in the school is crucial for not only their future but also our own.''

- Patricia -

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