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Open Mind Featured in Merci SF and the Forbes Journal

This month, Open Mind has been featured in Merci SF and the Forbes Journal. The articles talked about our core pillar which is accelerated learning, the importance of education, and the overall vision of our Accelerated International Academy. Open Mind’s vision is to enable a new era of education and innovate the way we study. We are on the mission of delivering high-standard classes and driving educational progress.

Our vision is to make education more relevant to real-world situations and challenges, and offer students opportunities to learn from active and collaborative projects where they apply problem-solving and critical thinking. We firmly believe that education itself should drive societal progress and not lack behind.

Indeed, past months were not easy for students. Adopting a new lifestyle from one day to another was challenging. Students lacked social interactions and felt unmotivated. At the same time as months were passing by, they established new different digital connections. Firstly skeptical of their classmates sitting somewhere far beyond the screen, students did not feel connected. As our founder said, finally when we are connecting with minds, distance is not a problem.

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