We work with the world-renowned professors and industry professionals from all around the world 

OPEN MIND brings together professors and industry experts from all over the world to deliver the unique educational experience for young students. All members thrive to ensure the highest quality of work during and outside the classes. Our students can, therefore, expect innovative, entertaining and engaging classes during which they learn new knowledge and utilise gained information to come up with their own ideas shaping their critical thinking.

Mr. Arnaud, CEO at Open Mind, teacher, author and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in teaching and business from the best international schools in France, UK and California. Mr Arnaud was nominated for the Teacher Prize Award by Varkey Foundation.

Team of 10+ highly qualified teachers from all around the world

Pete has worked at universities in France as well as some of the UK’s top schools. He is passionate about all aspects of education, especially bringing out the creativity of young minds through creative writing, poetry and drama. As well as English, he has also studied French literature and is also a keen musician and artist.  

My name is Laurent and I am a Math and Coding teacher at one of the best schools in the south of France. I have many years of teaching experience from middle schools, high schools and universities. I also prepare students for one of the most difficult exams in France - "classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles". 

During my professional career, I also worked as a computer engineer until  I realized that my passion is teaching and motivating students to explore the area of mathematics and engineering. 

One of the highlights of my career is the development of successful mental math software which won a competition!

I believe that every student can be successful and I am here to help!. Besides that, my hobby is skiing and spending time with my wife and two children.


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