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21st-Century Mobiles but 19th-Century Education

Wouldn’t you say that it is quite ironic the era we live in? We are sure you have heard about this expression ‘the phone screens are getting larger and the libraries smaller’.

Some would say what a sad time we live in and some would argue how efficient today’s world can be. Either way, we focus on products so much we forget minds that create it. When you look into the class today you will see children 8-15yrs old understanding how to update the iOS system or how to download the latest version of mobile app whilst they are sitting in the class in front of the chalkboard. Something isn’t right, right? Open Mind thought exactly that. We couldn’t understand how this generation is supposed to bring us even farther in the universe and invent even crazier things than transplanting the brain while being taught the way our great grandparents were. Often children spent so much time in the class and when they step outside it almost feels like they quickly have to catch up and learn new skills in a much shorter period of time because they were not taught these in the class.

Open Mind accelerated educational platform strives exactly to fill that gap. Founders of Open Mind realized after attending many school and universities that despite the global ranking titles many of them weren’t able to provide the education that could compare the reality of the outside world to one in class while being digestible by students 8-15yrs old. They believe that in order to realize the potential it is not enough to read the self-help books after college but that the learning curve starts much earlier on.

Open Mind offers immersive and interactive classes that connect children from all around the world (you can have a student from Silicon Valley and London in one class at the same time) making their experience much more memorable. Qualified teachers from recognized universities (not the fresh graduates from schools) are able to deliver the level of education using the current technologies at hand while our founders are working on developing immersive 3D visual platform including student’s personalized avatar to help them along their academic journey.


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