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What we learnt in 2020 with our Webinar Series: Life, Passion and Inspiration

What a year it has been! We are sure you would agree that 2020 has been full of ups and downs and all sorts of turns that none of us has expected. we believe that education is more important than ever.

it is essential to prepare our young generation for the future. In aUGuST 2020, we have decided to launch Webinar Series: Life, Passion, and Inspiration featuring incredible performers, artists, and interesting professionals to motivate our students.

We all need extra inspiration from now and then, and especially our young bright minds on their academic journey.

All these professionals had one in common, love for what they are doing.

They all shared amazing stories from behind the scenes and what it took to succeed in their field.

Our first Webinar was kicked-off by the first episode of a webinar called Secrets of Archaeology with the renowned archaeologist Pascal Arnaud with experience from UNESCO and the French Ministry of Culture and Education in France who captured students’ attention by uncovering the secrets of the past by using the technologies of today. Archaeology is often considered as a very first and ancient brick stone of today's sociology as it uncovers ancient relations among our ancestors. Mr. Pascal shared with students’ incredible stories of how he became an archaeologist and what drives him to keep uncovering more and more secrets of the ancient past.

Following the first very successful webinar, our second webinar has brought Chloe Perrier, an incredible jazz singer, who has travelled the world singing jazz in one of the most famous and prestigious Jazz venues in Europe and the US and finally settled between NYC and LA. Chloe shared how she got to the best teachers of jazz and how much work it takes to make your own album! Due to the enormous success, Chloe is now leading one of our Singing Classes in French where students have a chance to improve their creative skills while perfecting their French. Moving forward, our third webinar has been certainly very anticipated as it hosted the premier French Actor & Director of London Exchange Theatre, David Furlong. David shared with students breath-taking stories from behind the curtains of the theatrical stage and what it takes to become a true performer. After hearing David’s stories, we rested assured that becoming an elite actor does not happen overnight and hard work and perseverance are important traits to make it to the spotlight. Students passionate about the art of performance can discover more in our online class, Theatre & Drama.

As we shifted towards the end of the year which has not been easy on any of us, we decided to bring on board a bit of magic…literally! Our next guest has been none else than a marvellous Marvely who is a professional magician. Marvely created an hour of magic for our students with amazing magic tricks and showed how to perform them which most magicians keep as the most kept secret. However, Marvely understood how important it is to educate and share knowledge with our young generation in order to help them grow their imagination and abilities. During the webinar, they even performed tricks virtually! Following the big success of the webinar, we have launched magic classes starting in January 2021 where Marvely will showcase and teach aspiring magicians and performers even better tricks, how to perform with confidence, how to master attention, creativity, and self-discipline. To sign up visit our main page!.

Last but not least, we have concluded the year with our very last webinar of 2020 with a guest from the Elite French soccer team, coach Dylan Diringer. Dylan has aspired to become a professional football player from a very young age. Thanks to hard work, perseverance, and discipline, Dylan has become one of the most-known soccer coaches in the South of France coaching elite teams and recruiting for the season. Dylan has shared all his stories during the webinar which certainly inspired young sportsmen in our classes to keep on going and pursuing their dreams. However, he also emphasized how important education is and how it helped him especially during the transitioning period from football player to becoming a coach. We truly hope you have enjoyed our series of webinars throughout 2020, and we also hope that you have found the inspiration and motivation to succeed on your journey! Rest assured, we will be bringing more webinars with more incredible guests throughout 2021, and we cannot wait to see you there!


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