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Why is creative thinking important in the technological era?

Year on year, more and more technological innovation come to market that makes our life more efficient and easier. Even though many of them make our life more connected, easier and all and all more seamless they also quietly allow us to use less of our creative skills which are so vital to our personal growth.

Did you know creativity promotes the reduction of stress and anxiety? It leads to a feeling of accomplishment and pride and what has been surprising for us as well, after conducting in-depth research, we found it helps to increase the immunity as well.

There are a variety of ways to be creative therefore, don’t be sad if you think that to practice creativity is to be talented in singing or drawing. Surely, creativity is the most associated with activities such as singing, live performances in theatre, drawing or even dancing. But you would be surprised that you can practice creativity even in the most rational fields such as math, business or coding. Just think about an entrepreneur who is thinking about how to market his business on a newly created social media platform. This entrepreneur has to use the creativity to come up with the strategy on how to drive more people to his business through the social media platform. Successful coders or even mathematicians are considered to be highly creative people as they need to think about the ways to go around the problems while following a set of rules making it even more challenging.

However, if you don’t know where to start, signing up for a creative class can be a good start…especially when you think you are not a talented singer or performer. Why is that? This will challenge your creativity even more making each task a new mini-challenge which you will need to tackle and conquer. Believe us, by the end of your semester, you will be not only thriving in your creative classes but you will realize that creative thinking that you learned during maybe a theatre & drama class, suddenly transferred to your science class or coding class. The productivity of people who practice and improve their creative thinking usually increases over time as they can spend less time figuring out the solution for a problem. Imagine creativity as a memory muscle, the more you practice it, the easier it becomes to use it and eventually to tackle any problem. Like an athlete who trains for a marathon, he does not only becomes great in his training but also other aspects of everyday life.

5 tips on how to start nurturing your creativity:

1, Choose something you know nothing about

It is easy to usually choose a subject that is familiar to us not only because we enjoy it but also because it keeps us in our comfort zone. Try to choose new activity or subject that is not so familiar and try to tackle it as a new challenge

2, Think about challenges in a creative way

The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones that practice creative thinking on daily basis and they don’t shy away from challenges. Try to take each challenge you come across as an opportunity to implement innovative ideas and solutions you might have for a problem and see how it works out.

3, Don’t be afraid to fail

This one is the most important! If you are afraid to fail, you will never try new things and that is the point of creative thinking. Don’t be afraid to fail while trying new things because the most important thing is that you are trying.

4, Make it a fun

Making things fun when they are challenging is not easy but the part of creative thinking is to also keep a positive mind because only then productive and creative thoughts can flow.

5, Try to use the skills you learned in creative classes in different parts of your life

Practice is very important. Try to implement creative thinking you learned in other parts of your life, whether it is the project for school, helping your dad fixing the car or teaching your grandma how to use Facebook. The more you start using your creative thinking the more it becomes second nature for you.

We hope this article helps you to reflect on how creative thinking is important in today’s world and how you can start improving your creative thinking today!


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